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Acne Products

Juventus Acne Product Line

To enquire or purchase any of these products, please call our In-Store Clinic at 248-295-7358.


  • Gly-Sal 2-2 Acne Medicated Cleanser [comes with 2 cellulose sponges]
  • Gly-Sal 2+2 Acne Medicated Pads
  • Blemish Control Gel
  • Glycolic Treatment Gel GX-50
  • Bio-Drying Lotion
  • Vitamin B Creme
  • Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Serum
  • Solvere 4-Step Acne Treatment Kit


Gly-Sal 2%-2% Acne Medicated Cleanser

is a rich, creamy based product that gently softens the skin without drying.  This cleanser is fragrance free but contains natural lavender extract, which helps to soothe the skin.  Comes with 2 cellulose sponges. T-925   6.7 fl. oz. – $36.00

Gly-Sal 2%-2% Acne Medicated Pads

a rich, creamy based product that gently softens the skin without drying.  This cleanser is fragrance free but contains natural lavender extract, which helps to soothe the skin.  Comes with 2 cellulose sponges. T-925   6.7 fl. oz. – $36.00

Blemish Control Gel

This gel is used for oily skin prone to blackheads, breakouts, and large pores, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin areas).  When sweat glands produce too much oil, pores become clogged with a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells.  Accumulated sebum contains propionic acid bacteria, which is released into the tissue, causing an inflammatory reaction.  Blemish Control Gel reduces shine, absorbs moisture and perspiration, providing a long lasting smooth and non-greasy matte finish. #703   1 fl. oz. – $48.00

Glycolic Treatment Gel GX-50

is an oil-free Aloe Vera Gel with Glycolic Acid, which is very beneficial for non-sensitive, normal to oil, and blemished skin types.  It effectively helps to fight bacteria and increases the rate of natural dead skin exfoliation, while helping to promote moisturization, by renewal of native skin collagen.  Apply to the face twice daily.  Repeated use will help reduce oiliness, clear up skin problems and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Follow with the use of Vitamin B Day Cream. #G330   1 fl. oz. – $46.00

Bio-Drying Lotion

is an excellent skin care treatment for blemished skin.  It helps to dry up blemishes, redness, reduce tissue irritation and prevents growth of the blemish.  It has pH 3.5. #701  1 fl. oz. – $51.00

Vitamin B Cream

is a highly effective moisturizer and under make-up cream for normal to oily, oily, blemished and problem skin.  A complex of natural botanical extracts, vitamins, and amino acids help to moisturize and balance the skin, while natural Vitamin B Complex (Yeast Extract) helps to regulate oil gland secretion to reduce the possibility of clogged pores, inflammation, and breakouts associated with an oily skin condition and the use of make-up products. #300   2 fl. oz. – $31.00

Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Serum

is a unique non-oily Natural Enzyme system, which loosens blackheads and exfoliates other debris that clogs pores.  It also hydrolyzes (dissolves) and exfoliates the dead cells of the outermost layer of the skin’s surface.  It is recommended for all types of non-sensitive skin and is also very beneficial for problem, oily, pigmented, dull and tired skin. #505   1 fl. oz. — $62.00


Four-Step Severe Acne Treatment Kit

Solvere Acne Clearing Cleanser a gentle cleansing formula that delivers the ultra pure, exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid with proven acne fighting ingredient, salicylic acid 2%.  Formulated with the antioxidant benefits of green tea extract combined with zinc PCA to assist in soothing skin irritation and inflammation.
Solvere Acne Clearing Toner a patented simple to use pledget pad that delivers the ultra pure exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid in combination with the proven keratolytic, salicylic acid 2%.
Solvere Acne Clearing Gel a specially prepared moisturizing gel base delivers the proven anti bacterial benefits of benzoyl peroxide 2.5%.

Solvere Fortified Moisturizer is a rich, soothing antioxidant blend of vitamins A,C,E and Green Tea Extract in combination with Co-Q10. Enriched with natural emollients glycerin and squalane to soften, sooth the skin in the aid of restoring healthy looking skin. FSO/1900 – 4 item kit – $93.00




Three-Step Treatment Recovery Kit

Oxygen+ Recovery Cream™ oxygenates your skin cells to accelerate healing and reduce scarring. Also includes ingredients to reduce inflammation and bacterial infection.
EGF Recovery Serum™ boosts your production of collagen cells through growth factors and stem cells. Also includes powerful antioxidants and ingredients to boost cellular energy.
Peptide-9 Remodeling Serum™ remodels your skin with new, organized collagen cells to give you smooth, clear skin. Also includes ingredients to firm elastin and reduce uneven pigmentation.