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About Evangeline

About Evangeline

Owner and Master Technician

At Juventus Medical Laser & Skincare Clinic, our commitment to your ease and personal situation starts as the basis of our foundation. Evangeline Masciulli is a Master Skin Technician and founder of our medical clinical spa, located in Northville, Michigan.  She prides herself on the care and concern she takes in your comfort throughout your treatments.

Licensed and certified in Laser Technologies in the State of Michigan and the Province of Ontario, Canada, Evangeline has worked with the latest developments in the Aesthetic Field of Lasers, keeping abreast in the changing industry by training doctors and their associates in the use of the latest laser equipment.

Evangeline has worked with technology and equipment manufactured by  well-known developers like Alma Lasers, Primary Technologies, Candela, Illuminous, RevcoMed, and Diamond Systems USA.  Going the extra mile, Evangeline decided to take her skincare services one step further to ensure longevity of her treatments — she developed her own signature line of skincare products to support her belief that only the purest ingredients, its delivery system (size of the molecule used to enter the skin),  shelf life, and stability of the product, are the key factors to producing a great product…..a product that will effectively perform and do the job for which it is  intended – in other words her products are designed to help prolong the effectiveness of her treatments while building, redefining and supporting the results required for rejuvenation!



Degree in the Discipline of Bio-esthetics  

  • Pivot Point International, Chicago, Illinois (1984)

Licensed Cosmetologist & Aesthetician

  • State of Michigan (1984)
  • Province of Ontario, Canada (1995)

Certified Laser Professional

  • Allied Health Association [AHA] (2004)

Medilift Certified (2004)

Lipotron Certified (2006)

Juveprobe & Cryoprobe Certified 

  • Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2003)

Intense Pulse Light Laser Certified (2004)

Microdermabrasion Certified (2000)