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 Juventus Medical Laser Skin Care                 Clinic in Northville, MI

Juventus Inc. is a unique Medical Spa in Northville, Michigan, that provides Non-invasive skin treatments. We specialize in ‘ Skin Rejuvenation ‘, as well as ‘ Corrective Treatments ‘ , for a variety of skin issues. With more than 30 years of experience, our goal is to keep you looking and feeling your Best !

At Juventus, your skin concerns are our concerns. A thorough Skin Analysis is performed at your initial consultation to provide you with a customized treatment and skincare regimen that suits your particular needs. Contact us today for your Complimentary  Consultation and Skin Analysis at 248-295-7358.

Clinical Treatments

We specialize and treat all non-invasive procedures with our Specialty Skin Products. We provide services such as Clinical Chemical Peels, Micro-Dermabrasions, JuveProbe treatment for Minor Skin Irregularities, Medilift Dynamic Wave therapy ( the non-surgical facelift ), Lipotron Radio Frequency therapy ( the non-surgical liposuction ), and Intense Pulse Light [IPL] Laser Treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Sun Damage, Melasma and Vascular (vein) treatments, Micro-Derma Needling and Permanent Makeup. 

About Us

Our mission is ‘ to exceed your expectations ‘ by providing you with the latest in technology and service for the treatment of your face and body. Established in 2001, the Latin word ” Juventus ” directly translated, means ” the age of youth “. 1996 brought incredible breakthroughs in the Skin Care world, bringing Laser Technology to the foreground and fostering a bridge between the Spa industry and Restorative, Corrective Skin Care.


      A very exciting time in my life’s work, as now I can deal with skin issues that I couldn’t treat before” 
– Evangeline Masciulli
Juventus Founder and Owner

Juventus is honored to have


Christine Morrison, MD  Juventus Medical Director



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